A plea from me…

It’s 2015 – “fleek” is the new “on point”, “squad” is the new “crew” and we’re going a bit crazy over “curvy”. *eyeroll* 

Yes, I jumped on the wagon following various plus size Instagram accounts yada yada bla bla bla and honestly, I’m confused. I’m all for empowerment and feeling confident, but since when did being a fat (excuse me, curvy) confident woman mean half dressed? 

I can’t be the only chunk that doesn’t feel an overwhelming sense of empowerment when I see another big girl squeezing into the most unflattering jeans, or God forbid, baring the bulge in a belly top. I’m not going to post examples because this isn’t about shaming anybody – it’s less of a rant and more of a plea. 

5 years ago, I’d probably be more sympathetic. In terms of choice, it would pretty much be dress like a granny or rummage to the back of the rack for the biggest “standard” size and try and make it work. Times have changed. Aside from specialist plus size shops like Yours and Evans, common high street favourites like New Look and H&M have their own plus size ranges and whilst I cringe at some of the pieces, with a bit of self respect and a good eye, you can really make it work. Personally, I’m an ASOS chick but maybe we can look into that another time. 

I implore my fellow fatties to yes, be confident, yes be comfortable but please, be classy!

Peace x