A new low

A new low!
Tonight, I have reached a new low! I’m casually sat in my living room, catching up on social media and tidying this blog up with the TV on in the background. Now I’m first to admit that my taste in TV is somewhat varied and questionable. To give you an idea, I’ve listed a few below:

Pretty Little Liars (don’t judge!)

Gossip Girl (now finished)


House of Cards

Teen Mom (Originals and 2)

16 and Pregnant


You get the gist. So I’m tapping away and suddenly wonder why I’m hearing SOOOO much swearing and shouting, only to realise I’ve been unknowingly polluting my mind with the horror that is Geordie Shore! The fact this is even ON in my house has dragged me to a new low. I’m really trying to take in whatever insignificant drama is going on but I genuinely can’t get past the scary accent (reminding me that I am in fact almost a northerner. Ha ha! – born in Derby), copious amount of swearing and slack conversation.
Verdict: Geordie Shore, you’re fired!