So…I’m off to Law School!

After years of iffing and butting, I’ve finally taken the plunge and will be heading to university to start my law degree. Whoop!

£9k a year is too much money to waste so I need to plan for success! First thing’s first – shopping list!

– iMac 27″ – I need a desktop to write essays and I’m a big Apple junkie…

– MacBook – My poor hand can’t write as fast as it used to so I’ll use this for lecture notes

– Bag/satchel

– Highlighters

– Printer (wireless)

– Plain paper

– Planner

– Pencils

– Bookcase

– Desk – I have a dressing table but this won’t do

– Coffee machine

– Desk lamp

– Bookstand

– Dictaphone

– Shredder

I think that’s the essentials covered off…

I’m really lucky to have a good job and career already and don’t particularly want to put that on hold. I think I’ll be in a really strong position having current commercial work experience so I wanted to find a way to study and keep my job. I’ll be going to Birkbeck University to study for my degree full time but in the evening so it’s really important that I organise my life, hence the shopping list. As soon as my timetable drops, I basically want to extend it to my life timetable so everything from meal plans to activities will be scheduled in. Let’s see if I stick to it…watch this space!