Planner update! 

I am officially in love with planning! My latest beauty is the Kate Spade gold dot planner and it is gorgeous! I originally started with a black Filofax executive week to a page with appointments as I felt it looked the part for my day job but to be honest I’ve not really gotten along with it. I find the inserts incredibly boring and there isn’t really enough space to bee creative. I still use it but mainly so I look important and professional in front of clients when arranging future meetings. *cringe*

I’m in a group on Facebook called “UK Planner Addicts” and someone posted a picture of their Me and My Big Ideas (MAMBI) Create 365 Happy Planner and I instantly fell in love! Thus began a whole evening (and well into the early hours) of trawling the web trying to find one. I came across their website, which has videos of each planner and the layout inside (see below for link) and whilst I loved the look of the “My Life”, I was sold on the “Gold Dot” because of the beautiful quotes and affirmations. I love the layout and whilst I’m a bit disappointed with the flimsiness and tabs, I’m quite proud of it. (The newer planners now have laminated tabs)

That brings me nicely on to my new pride and joy! The Happy Planner goes beautifully with my desk set up and so I wanted cream and gold accessories to tie it all in. I ended up getting the Kate Spade pencil case but can’t quite bring myself to sharpen and use the pencils that come with it! Anyway, the quality is amazing and gave me the “bug”! I’ve now added the Kate Spade Gold Dots 17 month planner and its lush! The pages whilst delicate, feel really good quality and the tabs are laminated. I love the board casing as it feels so much sturdier than the MAMBI Happy Planner. This is definitely my “carry about” planner and I can’t wait to get started! Needless to say, my Happy Planner is now my desk planner😏



And so it begins…

So! Summer holidays are well and truly over! The kids are back to school and it’s now safe to venture into shopping centre mid week again. Thank the Lord! I took a well needed break from pretty much everything and am ready to close this year on a high. 
So back to business. Uni officially starts for me on Tuesday 29th September and today I received my timetable for the induction fortnight. A little while ago I posted my “shopping list” and I’ll give you an update on that later. (It’s looking good!) You may have also spotted my desk in the Instagram feed below but I’ll be posting more details about my home office and study area set up later on. 

I’ve literally spent the past few weeks networking with some freshers from my uni and building a little Whatsapp group and trying to organise my life. It’s going well I think. I’ve devised a working pattern based on a sample timetable I got from someone going into year 2 and so far it’s looking promising. If I can stick to it, I might have time to sleep 😆 But seriously, I’m feeling so refreshed and motivated to get things done and I’m not prepared to lose momentum! I’ve invested in a Me and My Big Ideas Create 365 Happy Planner to help get me organised and it is working so well! At the moment I just map out my week and appointments but I intend to include meal plans and build in some sort of study plan aswell. I’m slowly easing myself into the world of planning (it’s actually quite a big thing!) and have started a little collection of washi tape, stamps and stickers already. Go me! Anyway watch this space as I’m getting a bit obsessed haha! 


My Life Plan

So where am I now and how do I feel about it? Honestly? I’m in a good place. I’m happy. Even typing this, I’ve had to stop and think “am I really happy or am I just saying it because I don’t want readers to think I’m a sad wreck?” I can hand on heart say, life is good. It’s not without its challenges, but life is good. I remember being a fresh-faced 16 year old, making what I thought were over ambitious plans for myself but not really having much focus. 10 years later and a mixture of life and love has seen me go down different paths. I’m a 26 years old, single mother to THE most amazing 5 year old (we’ll come to him another time), I have a great job and career that I love and am about to embark on the next chapter of my life that will see me finally go to university. As it goes, if I died tomorrow, I would be proud of what I’ve accomplished but I want more. For those that have read my post on “Starting a Business”, you’ll know I’m a massive advocate of writing a business plan and reviewing it regularly. As far as I’m concerned, my life is my business so you better believe I have a plan! I’ve reviewed it regularly, sense-checked my progress and often changed it in response to life events and different paths I’ve found myself on. At 16, I had no idea what I wanted to do. I knew I was going to do A levels and wanted to work in either Law, Banking or Medicine so opted in to Maths, Chemistry and Biology. Although I’ve always been quite smart, I quickly discovered I lacked drive and motivation and only now realise it’s because I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I was stuck in that common rut of “I have to continue my studies but I have no clue what I’m doing”. Towards the end of the first year, I applied for a “summer job” at a bank and then decided to stay and take a gap year. That gap year lasted 9 years (whoops!) but my goodness I needed it! During that time, I set myself a goal that my salary must always be higher than my age. Simple, maybe somewhat shallow, but a goal is a goal and it’s kept me on my toes. In those 9 years, I’ve climbed and bank hopped to my current position and built up a nice little knowledge bank but also professional network. Whilst my work has given me a lot of exposure to the legal profession, I’ve found my interest in the law has come mainly from helping friends and family out of tricky situations so it was only right that I consulted my trusty “life plan” and see how I could further develop myself. To date, I haven’t documented my plan but as Habbakuk says, “write the vision, and make it plain…” and so this week, I’m off to buy a journal to write down my vision for my life that I can regularly review and support with affirmations and wise words. In terms of detail, I’m not sure how deep I’m going to go with it, but I’m trying a lil thing! 

Watch this space x