And so it begins…

So! Summer holidays are well and truly over! The kids are back to school and it’s now safe to venture into shopping centre mid week again. Thank the Lord! I took a well needed break from pretty much everything and am ready to close this year on a high. 
So back to business. Uni officially starts for me on Tuesday 29th September and today I received my timetable for the induction fortnight. A little while ago I posted my “shopping list” and I’ll give you an update on that later. (It’s looking good!) You may have also spotted my desk in the Instagram feed below but I’ll be posting more details about my home office and study area set up later on. 

I’ve literally spent the past few weeks networking with some freshers from my uni and building a little Whatsapp group and trying to organise my life. It’s going well I think. I’ve devised a working pattern based on a sample timetable I got from someone going into year 2 and so far it’s looking promising. If I can stick to it, I might have time to sleep 😆 But seriously, I’m feeling so refreshed and motivated to get things done and I’m not prepared to lose momentum! I’ve invested in a Me and My Big Ideas Create 365 Happy Planner to help get me organised and it is working so well! At the moment I just map out my week and appointments but I intend to include meal plans and build in some sort of study plan aswell. I’m slowly easing myself into the world of planning (it’s actually quite a big thing!) and have started a little collection of washi tape, stamps and stickers already. Go me! Anyway watch this space as I’m getting a bit obsessed haha!